The company was established 1988. Originating from a Stonemasonry family business spanning over 3 generations, we have worked on many prestigious projects; Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and Brentwood Cathedral, to name just a few.

In the mid to late 80's people were tiring of the 70's style Crazy Paving and we were invited to lay a new product called Block Paving. From our first completed driveway that people could see and a small sign board, we went on to lay several more in the same street.

Forest Drives have built up an expert and specialised team of people with decades of experience, providing extremely high standards of workmanship. At Forest Drives we pride ourselves upon our reputation and dedication to care, efficiency, precision and keeping works to the least disruption possible for the homeowner.

Since our first contract over 30 years back we have gone on to lay several thousand driveways and patios. Many of these projects are available for you to view in our portfolio.

We personally run each project from start to completion, ensuring all your requirements are met.

Forest Drives provide a free and competitive quotation for a wide range of works, including driveways, walling, brickwork, patios, paths, landscaping, turfing, fencing and gate automation.

We are more than happy to compete with any written quotations.

Contact US TODAY for a free quotation or Call us on 020 8508 5060 or 020 8508 1164