All paved or hard standing areas require maintenance. This varies according to material and construction.

Overtime driveways, patios and paths can become dull and dirty through everyday wear and use, your car wheels carry, dust, dirt and oil which overtime can build into a thick layer on your driveway. Spores and weed seeds which travel in the wind are then able to find root and germinate in the cracks across your driveway and Patios.

Generally, you should reseal a paved driveway every two years or so, or when the finish begins to show wear. You should remove stains immediately. If a sealer* has been applied, this will help to protect against stain absorption, but it's still a good idea to remove oil, petrol,diesel, grease and other spills as soon as possible. If the paving does discolor, pressure washing and certain cleaning chemicals will remove most stains.

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Driveway/Patio cleaning before and after


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