Shingle or gravel driveways can dramatically transform the appearance of your property. With our knowledge and expertise we can create a stunning shingle/gravel driveway from a large variety of different aggregates (type of stone, size and colour). Not only will this provide convenient parking and attractive view of your property, but it will also act as a natural security feature.

This product is a great example of a permeable solution that will meet any local authority planning requirements.

The construction of a gravel/shingle driveway will generally require :

  • The excavation of the existing ground to a depth of approx. 300mm - 350mm.
  • Laying of a GeoTextile Membrane.
  • 200mm - 250mm layer of 'Type 1 MOT' crushed concrete is placed for the stability and drainage requirements.
  • Retaining borders to be bonded on and haunched with concrete.
  • Finally 40mm - 50mm of the chosen aggregate (shingle/gravel).

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