The many variations of natural stone can transform your property dramatically whether it is a periodic or modern structure. This is normally the material of choice for a patio or forecourt, however this also can be used to create an attractive parking area. The use of natural stone can be crafted into many different laying styles and patterns to accomodate your overall design needs.

The construction of a domestic natural stone driveway generally will require :

  • The excavation of the existing ground to a depth of approx. 300mm - 350mm.
  • 150mm layer of 'Type 1 MOT' crushed concrete is placed for the stability and drainage requirements.
  • Required drainage system installed, e.g. rain gulleys, ground drains etc. .
  • A sub-base layer of approximately 50mm - 70mm of ready mixed concrete.
  • Retaining borders to be bonded on and haunched with concrete.
  • Laying base of 20mm - 30mm of sand and cement mix.
  • Finally the chosen natural stone slabs.
  • Pointed with either a cement mortar or resin cement mortar mix.

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