Materials Overview - Kerbs & Accessories    

As part of your overall design you may need to incorporate kerbs, drainage solutions and inspection/manhole covers. There are various designs and colours of kerbs that allow you to create the perfect, flower bed, raised edging and steps to complete your chosen area of design. Also there are various drainage solution methods to deal with the water management within your design. There will be a need to in some instances incorporate manhole covers into your design.


Add the finishing touches to your driveway, patio or path with a comprehensive range of kerbs and edging.


The incorporation of drainage is key to the design of your project. Dependent on the materials used, planning requirement, the management of water dispersal and control is key.

Manhole/Inspection Covers

Whether it is a driveway, patio, path, courtyard or forecourt, there is most probably going to be a inspection cover (manhole cover) that needs to be accommodated within the design.