Materials Overview - Natural Stone    

Imported natural stone is now an affordable alternative to pre-cast concrete paving slabs. Amongst the options of stone to consider are; Yorkstone, Indian Sandstone, Natural Slate, Granite, Marble, Ceramic, Travertine and Limestone. Depending on usage determines which stones are best suited. Read more about using natural stone.


  • Durable - Hardwearing and long lasting.
  • Low Maintenance - Very little maintenance required.
  • Selection - A wide range of colour and stone type options.
  • Joint filling - Either sand and cement (pointing) or resin pointing solution (offers different texture and colour options).
  • Design options - Depending on stone chosen variation of sizes, patterns and circles are available.
  • Sealant - Sealant can be applied to certain stones once installed.

Colours and Design Capabilities - Above shows just some examples available, with a wide range of colours range available this provides for creative, innovative and stunning designs.

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