Materials Overview - Resin Bond    

An extremely hard wearing bonded aggregate surface. Offers a natural pleasing appearance of loose aggregate without any of the setbacks that come with loose aggregate surfaces.


  • Durable - Extremely hard wearing. for pedestrian and vehicular areas.
  • Anti-slip - Offers excellent anti-slip properties.
  • Textured Finish - A textured natural finish, anti-slip properties and no loose stone.
  • Colour Range - Extensive range of colour options, giving endless design possibilities.
  • Enhances - Maintains and enhances the surrounding environment.
  • Low Maintenance - Occasional cleaning required with little or no maintenance.

RESIN BOND  - Amber Flint

Amber Flint

RESIN BOND - Corn Flint

Corn Flint

RESIN BOND - Autumn Gold

Autumn Gold

RESIN BOND - Rhine Gold

Rhine Gold

RESIN BOND  - Grey Bauxite

Grey Bauxite

RESIN BOND - Brittany Bronze

Brittany Bronze

RESIN BOND - Buff Bauxite

Buff Bauxite

RESIN BOND - Multi Flint

Multi Flint

RESIN BOND  - Red Granite

Red Granite

RESIN BOND - Staffordshire


Colours and Design Capabilities - Above shows just some examples available, with a wide range of textures and colours we can exactly match aesthetic demands as well as anti-skid, colour and function specifications, through the hundreds of aggregate grades available to us. Logos, designs, motifs, lettering and more can all be incorporated to create innovative and stunning surfaces.

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